Episode 6 – Chowdene CS Caravan Site Visit – How to Clean & Maintain your Cassette – A Viewer SPECIAL OFFER

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Episode 6 – is packed with segments relating to camping, caravans and motohomes. In This episode, Alex Mathias visits Chowdene, a Camping and Caravan Club CS Site very close to York, and a question from a viewer that will help stop smells coming from your toilet, and a SPECIAL OFFER for all of our viewers. 





Show Notes:

Links to resources mentioned in show

The Thetford Corporation

The Camping and Caravan Club


Chowdeen – Alex Mathias Site Review

If you are looking for a quiet stay in a Camping and caravan club CL Site near to York, then you cannot go wrong with a visit here.


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Spare Part Numbers for all Thetford Holding tanks

Cassette Toilets

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